Everwise brand to empower people to achieve their full financial potential

South Bend, Ind. – June 6, 2023 – Teachers Credit Union (TCU), the largest credit union in Indiana, is changing its name to Everwise Credit Union to better reflect its mission to empower and serve all people and grow beyond its original educator roots. The Everwise brand, including a new logo, tagline, and visual identity, will launch June 26. The change in brand does not reflect a change in ownership and TCU will remain 100 percent member owned and headquartered in South Bend.

“Though we will always support local educators, it is simply time our name reflected all the members we serve today and the growth ahead,” said Jason M. Osterhage, President and Chief Executive Officer of TCU. “We have always championed financial confidence and well-being for all of our members and all of our communities. This is the next step in our evolution, as a simple yet meaningful way to connect with people aspiring to feel more confident and in control of their money and their future.”

With more than 300,000 members and over 50 branches throughout Indiana and southwest Michigan, TCU has always made its mission to support people as they grow into their financial dreams. The new Everwise name builds on that people-first foundation and sets the credit union up for continued growth and opportunities.

“We are so proud to unveil the Everwise name,” said Angie Dvorak, Chief Marketing + Growth Officer at TCU. “As a financial institution founded to support teachers in our local community, we have education at our core. The Everwise name shows that when people are given the right resources and support, they can achieve their financial dreams.

Teachers Credit Union (TCU), soon to be Everwise Credit Union, is Indiana’s largest Credit Union with over 50 branches throughout Indiana and southwest Michigan and more than 300,000 members. TCU offers traditional financial services including checking, savings, mortgages, and credit cards, as well as non-traditional services, such as investments. Since its founding in 1931, TCU has focused on making a positive impact on its members and the community. For more information, visit tcunet.com.