Hamilton County, IN (November 6th, 2023) – OneZone Chamber announces exclusive partnership with UnitedHealthcare. This partnership will allow members to have access to a full range of high-quality benefits that can lead to significant savings. No matter your size, unique needs, or preference.

OneZone Chamber believes employees that have high-quality benefit options are healthier, happier, and more productive, leading to more engagement and less turnover, a benefit for the entire community. The program offers excellent options. Providing quality health insurance is one of the most critical issues businesses face today.

“We have heard from our members that to be competitive in this environment of attracting talent healthcare plays a big factor. We also know that healthcare is extremely costly for our small businesses. That is why we have partnered with UnitedHealthcare to not only provide an option for our members, but included is a discounted rate. We believe this is a strong value add for our members.” States Jack Russell, President & CEO of OneZone Chamber.

To join this program businesses will have to be a member of OneZone Chamber in good standing and the location of their business must be in Indiana. To learn more about what plans are available and how to join this program contact us at 317.436.4653 or email us at info@onezonecommerce.com.