Healthcare security and privacy risk management have continued to be a source of world concern, and with the increase in security and privacy challenges, concerted efforts must be taken to salvage the situation.
The Trust Bridge (TTB), with offices in UK and USA, and Chicago-based Didgebridge (DB) are thrilled to announce the signing of a formal collaborative alliance to better address the accelerating security and privacy challenges confronting the healthcare sector within the UK, EU, and USA with a specific focus on “Digital-Hipaa”. The dictates of the collaborative mission between the companies are aimed at offering proprietary technologies and supporting guidance to help clients understand and minimize security and privacy risks in healthcare.
Penny Heyes, TTB Chief Commercial Officer on what the TTB’s mission is explained that “The team at The Trust Bridge™ offers organizations a unique combination of expertise and advice with practical solutions and implementation operating at all the touchpoints of Data Protection: GDPR, CCPA and other Global Data Privacy regulation, PECR and linked e-privacy laws. We ensure that our clients can mitigate their risk of cyber-attack, data loss or corruption.”
“It is increasingly obvious that the Public Internet Communication ecosystem is broken from a PRIVACY perspective,” asserts John McNulty, CEO of Didgebridge. “And it’s particularly broken for sectors like healthcare–where the non-consensual mining of Public Internet Healthcare communication has potential for considerable harm, for both consumers & healthcare service providers. Didgebridge addresses this ‘Digital-Hipaa’ challenge with our Intellismart ® text-mobile-video 1:1 PRIVATE networks, which block the Public Internet’s nefarious data-mining robots & web-page crawlers.”
Digital-HIPAA solves two issues plaguing the global Healthcare sector: (1) the accelerating security & privacy challenges and (2) the lack of interoperability. The partnership between The Trust Bridge and Didgebridge will provide next-generation solutions to such issues while counteracting the advance of unscrupulous individuals and systems perpetrating these security and privacy concerns.
The need for a partnership such as this comes on the heels of a publication by the Financial Times which shows how top health websites were sharing sensitive data with advertisers. Steps must be taken to cutdown on this growing challenge in healthcare security and privacy.
About The Trust Bridge
The Trust Bridge™ team has worked with GDPR and other data privacy regulations globally for over seven years with worldwide organizations. Its multi-skilled team has global experience across four continents with audit, legal, governance and compliance experience, technological transformation, and global data breach experience.
Based in the UK and US, The Trust Bridge ensures:
● Experience across four continents
● Legal representation with our EU Counsel and alliance with legal firms
● Technical and information technology expertise
● Global Audit and compliance Experience
● Wide experience with technological transformation and change management
● Multinational breach experience
● Commercial and Non-Profit sector experience
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About Didgebridge
Didgebridge is an advanced marketing-communication technology company whose proprietary Intellismart ® telecom-based communication platform provides PRIVATE consensual, 1:1, text-mobile-video PRIVATE (not-mineable) networks between marketers & consenting people.
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