(Carmel, Ind.) Local horticulture, hardscape, and landscaping firm Engledow Group marks a
company milestone in 2022, celebrating ninety years of commitment to enhancing environments
throughout central Indiana.
Nine decades ago, in 1932, B.T. Engledow started the business with little more than a $50 truck
and a can-do attitude, creating what was then called Engledow Tree and Landscape Service.
The business remains in the Engledow family, now owned and operated by B.T.’s two sons,
Jack and Ed Engledow, and his grandsons, Jim and Todd, as well as plenty of other family
members getting their hands dirty in the business every single day.
“You’re bound to see our lime green trucks all over central Indiana. But it wasn’t always that
way. We started small and full of potential—just like the plants we grow,” said Jim Engledow,
President and CEO.
Today, Engledow employs over 200 people locally, providing corporate landscaping, interior
plants, landscape design and maintenance for private residences—plus holiday decorating, and
event planning.
“We’re old as dirt. Which explains our great relationship with it,” joked Jim Engledow. “When you
do what you love, 90 years can fly right by.”