Carmel-Based ADVISA Launching Sales Training in March
The world has changed a lot in the last year… and so have your customers. But what about your sales process? If your organization relies on direct sales to drive revenue, now is the time to update the sales organization by leveraging sales to discover and meet new customer needs and improve the overall experience. 

Get started on preparing your sales team for 2021 and beyond. Join ADVISA, a full-service leadership development firm based in Carmel, next month for Customer Focused Selling. You can learn more and register at ADVISA’s website.

IT360 Offering Customized, Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Solutions
This year, IT360 is proud to announce we’re offering fully customized, cloud-based Virtual Desktop solutions. These Windows-based Virtual Desktops will let you do away with costly hardware upgrades, keep you fully secure with a “zero-trust” environment, and let you use your desktop and data on virtually ANY device with an internet connection. Users from the basic office admin worker to the high-end CAD/CAM engineer will be able to benefit from a new level of collaboration and flexibility.

Our Virtual Desktop solutions are built on state-of-the-art technology to leverage agile, extremely powerful hardware – but can be run on virtually any device – from your tablet, to your multi-monitor desktop, your cell phone, or even something like a smart TV or other smart device! We are now able to offer a level of enterprise computing that was previously only reasonable for high-level enterprise customers, with pricing that the small to medium size business can easily afford. Don’t worry about upgrading your desktops and laptops, do away with the costly on-premises server maintenance and upgrades, and let IT360 custom-build a right-sized, cloud-based Windows Virtual Desktop solution for you today! Check our Podcast on this topic
If you would like more information on this new technology please reach out to Jason Ewers at 317-520-9330.

Semler Financial Group provides an array of services to businesses and individuals in the world of benefits and financial services.

  • Investment and Wealth Management Services
  • Retirement Offerings
  • ​Life Insurance and Asset Protection
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Long-Term Care Solutions
  • Employee Benefit Products
  • Financial Wellness Workshops
  • Medicare Supplements

To schedule a 15-minute phone call to learn more, call Amy Austin at 317-569-7615.   


T-Mobile Truck to Give Back, Support Communities
T-Mobile is looking to give back and support those communities who support us and would love to partner with your business! Our mobile unit is a full-service store on wheels, equipped with the latest merchandise and accessories that we would love to setup at your business!  By setting up our mobile unit in your parking lot, you receive the following benefits for your business, and it’s completely free: 

  • Draws attention to your business, products, and services to help increase traffic flow and customer impression
  • Customer or employee appreciation days that include yard games, music, a charging station, swag, contests, giveaways & more!
  • Provides onsite support for your business, customers, and employees
  • Pre-ordered phones and other inventory can be conveniently delivered to your business.
  • Our Mobile Expert truck staff is available for device on-boarding and questions

If interested in scheduling the truck to visit your business, please contact Lauren Veach at or 765-860-5292.