We are so excited to start a new year with the business community. I felt it was important as we head into the year to share more about our purpose, values, the initiatives we will be taking on, and where we are going. We will also be sharing some exciting new announcements, awards, and programming over the coming weeks.

First, let’s talk about our purpose. Purpose gives us the energy to propel ourselves forward. Psychologist Todd Kasdan suggests that when we have meaning in life, we don’t have to push ourselves to get things done. Rather, purpose engages our creativity and passion in serve of something greater than ourselves.

We believe our purpose is in four key areas:

  1. Catalyst for Business Growth & Development
  2. Convener of Leaders & Influencers
  3. Champion for a Thriving Community
  4. An Inclusive Center of Influence and Impact

As we continue into the new year our programming, initiatives, and goals are center around these four areas. Finding ways to be a catalyst for business growth & development to us means creating opportunities to meet other businesses and find ways to get to know one another while also providing programming that is impact to you and your business.

A convener of leaders & influencers means we create the space for community and business leaders to connect and make sure that local, county, and state decision-makers are hearing from the business community.

A champion for a thriving community means to continue the success of past year. Over the past year the communities of Carmel and Fishers have seen so many incredible projects that continue to put them on the map for best places to do just about anything in the country. We want to highlight those successes and are excited for what is to come in 2023.

Finally, an inclusive center of influence and impact. We want to be the organization that no matter who you are you are welcome here at OneZone Chamber and that you and your business find success no matter how you define it.

So no matter your goals, resolutions, or initiatives we hope OneZone Chamber can be a part of your amazing 2023.

Jack Russell

President, OneZone Chamber of Commerce