(Evansville, IN – January 25, 2023) – In conjunction with its mission to help alleviate the shortage of critical
affordable housing for low-and-moderate income families, United Fidelity Bank (“Bank”), announced today that it
financed or developed over $2.7 billion in affordable housing loans and investments in 2022. These loans and
investments made housing available to an estimated 12,000 individuals or families nationwide, much of which were
in markets and states that the Bank already serves.
Donald R. Neel, President and CEO commented, “We are proud of our associates in their efforts to create more
affordable housing in our markets and the country at large. However, there remains much work to do. The gap
between the supply and demand for low-and-moderate income housing has never been wider. United Fidelity will
continue the battle to make housing available and affordable for those that need it the most.” Neel further noted,
“The bank and its holding company recently raised or have commitments for approximately $34 million in new
capital to assist United Fidelity Bank and its housing-related subsidiaries to continue to address these needs.”
About the Bank and Company
United Fidelity Bank, founded in 1914, is the federally chartered, FDIC-insured savings bank subsidiary of Fidelity Federal
Bancorp. Upon completion of its recently announced merger with Rockhold Bancorp the Bank will have approximately $6.0
billion in assets and 31locations in Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, California, Missouri, and the US Virgin Islands. United
Fidelity is committed to helping build prosperous communities through innovative financial solutions, and significant
affordable housing-related activities. For more information, you can visit United Fidelity Bank online at