Indiana’s net metering policy will expire at the end of June

CARMEL, INDIANA —Small businesses and homeowners have dwindling time to take advantage of the state’s existing net metering policy to go solar and receive a fair credit rate for the clean energy they generate and send back to the grid.

“The window for going solar and receiving a fair credit is growing very slim,” said Leslie Webb, president of the Carmel Green Initiative. “I’m hopeful that homeowners and local businesses will take advantage of the waning window to go solar before net metering ends.”

Net metering allows solar owners to receive a credit on their electric bill for the electricity they send to their neighbors on the grid at the same rate that they purchase electricity from their utility—an even swap. Despite several proposals this legislative session that would have extended net metering, under current law, the mechanism will no longer be available to new solar owners starting July 1, 2022.

“We tried our best to keep net metering in place so that homeowners and businesses could receive a fair credit for energy produced in our community that gets shared with  neighbors,” said Zach Schalk, Indiana program director for Solar United Neighbors. “Unfortunately, lawmakers went in another direction, which means those interested in going solar should act fast if they want the best return on their clean energy investment.”

To learn more about the co-op, free solar information sessions are available online on March 14 and March 29.