On behalf of our Board of Directors at OneZone we are writing in support of the Andretti Global headquarters, the expansion of Stevanato Group’s Fishers plans, and the next phase of Fishers District, which involves the proposal of bringing Fishers’ Food and Beverage Tax rate to parity with surrounding communities.

In today’s competitive world, it’s imperative that the community is just as vibrant and forward-moving as the business community. We at the chamber have continued to see growth in our Fishers Business community not only due to strong public safety, investment in infrastructure, and great schools, but also because of the number of economic and lifestyle investments the city has made over the years. This reinvestment back into the community is what keeps Fishers businesses competitive, helps attract top-level talent, and creates a great destination for visitors.

The business community – whether retail, restaurant, entertainment, or professional — continues to benefit from these investments.

The continued proactive investment into our community is critical to our membership and thanks to the commitments by this body, Fishers is in good standing.

On behalf of our membership, we ask that City Council vote in favor of the economic development agreements being proposed.

Additionally, we support the proposal to bring Fishers’ Food and Beverage Tax rate to parity with other communities. While some may make the argument that taxes of this kind negatively impact businesses, connecting this revenue stream directly to the amenities that will bring more consumers and visitors to businesses negates that argument. As Fishers District and the event center come online, our Fishers businesses will gain more exposure, more clientele, and more sales as a result.

We strongly encourage the Council to vote in favor of these transformational projects, including the support of the food and beverage tax in Fishers, something our neighboring communities already use and something our business community supports.

Jack Russell
President & CEO
OneZone Chamber of Commerce