O’Malia’s Living now owns the spacious showroom in Carmel it has leased since 2002 and is moving ahead with expanded marketing to increase sales.

            O’Malia’s Living is Indiana’s largest source for products relating to fireplace, grills and patio furniture.

            O’Malia’s Living bought its showroom building on Carmel’s Medical Drive when its landlord decided to sell. O’Malia’s Living owner, Scott Horvath, secured a loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration 504 program to buy the building. People’s State Bank and Indiana Statewide Certified Development Corporation provided the SBA 504 loan.

            Indiana Statewide CDC works with local Indiana lenders to issue SBA 504 loans to help small business owners buy real estate, buildings and equipment. SBA 504 loans can give small business owners long-term, fixed-rate financing similar to commercial loan terms available for large companies. SBA 504 loans generally allow borrowers to pay a below-market down payment and repay the loan with a low long-term fixed interest rate.

            Horvath says, “We realized this is a one-time opportunity to own our building. We sought to preserve cash flow and the SBA 504 allowed us to invest only ten percent for the down payment. This was a key piece of the 504 that we liked. The purchase of the building has been a stretch for us, but we are confident that we made the right decision and chose the right loan program.”

            Jeff Wyatt of People’s State Bank says, “O’Malia’s Living is an established business serving a loyal clientele. It was important to keep it where it is now, and the SBA 504 terms really helped.”

            Horvath says O’Malia’s Living has added sales personnel, increasing its payroll to 15 people and is investing in showroom improvements in the next one-three years. “We are highly optimistic for the future,” he says.

            The family name, “O’Malia’s” is a prominent retail brand in Central Indiana. It began in the 1940s with a local grocery store chain. O’Malia’s Fireplace Shop, now known as O’Malia’s Living, opened in 1966.


            Indiana Statewide CDC (www.cambridgecapitalmgmt.com) has approved  over $798  million of financing for more than 1,650 Indiana companies since 1983, creating or saving more than 30,000  jobs, and is the most prolific CDC in Indiana.  These projects represent more than $2.0 billion in expansion financing for Indiana businesses.

            Executive Director Jean Wojtowicz says, “SBA 504 loans help small businesses grow because borrowing companies can put as little as 10 percent down and receive a low, fixed interest rate for as long as 25 years. The SBA guarantees bonds sold privately to finance a portion of the loan.  With the guarantee, we can offer more favorable loan rates than generally available to small businesses.”

            People’s State Bank (www.psbanywhere.com) was founded in 1904 and has served the Ellettsville/Bloomington area and surrounding communities ever since. From a single office in downtown Ellettsville, the bank has grown to eleven branches in six local communities, including Bloomington, Ellettsville, Spencer, Morgantown, Paragon, Nashville, and Noblesville. The Peoples State Bank has also recently expanded to include a lending center in Carmel.

            O’Malia’s Living (www.omaliasliving.com) is a reliable source for everything related to hearth and fireplace as well as outdoor family living spaces including patio furniture, grills and outdoor fireplaces. O’Malia’s likes to bring families, friends and neighbors together. It offers custom design solutions for the unique one-of-a-kind applications.