OneZone Member Spotlight

Carole Palazzo, Senior Account Manager– Braden Business Systems

Describe your professional role:
Service through sales and support in the Document and Technology industry.
What are you most excited about after the challenges of 2020?
What book or podcast are you obsessed with right now?
I'm reading through the Bible in 7 months with a group of friends. But, I'm a cozy mystery light and fluffy fan.
What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?
I love Peeps! But, I like them better if the package has been open for a couple of days and they are a little stale. ???? Sad but true...
What are a few of your favorite places to eat, drink, or hang out in Hamilton County?
I love visiting Conner Prairie. Walking through their Town with all of the fireplaces lit and fire pits with the sounds and smells of being outdoors next to a campfire is the best. I also love Sullivan's Allisonville nursery. Noblesville's Logan Street shops, the Corner Cottage, Always in Stitches and all the Noblesville shops are my favorite places to browse around. Ford's Garage, Bentos and Pizza King are favorites of mine for delicious food.