In advance of Earth Day, Leslie Webb, the president of Carmel Green Initiative, has been named a Hoosier Resilience Hero by Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI).
An engineer and sustainable living advocate, Leslie Webb has become synonymous with green initiatives in Carmel over the course of 15 years. In 2008, Webb founded the Carmel Green Initiative to cultivate an environmentally conscious community and promote policies to address climate change and reduce the city’s environmental impact. Since then, Webb has partnered with a growing network of residents, schools, churches, businesses, city staff, and elected officials to support and promote efforts that reduce energy waste, expand local investment in solar energy, promote recycling and educate others. Among the programs Webb has jumpstarted is the Promise Project, a youth-led organization for kids who want to do something about climate change. The group, with Webb’s guidance, was instrumental in the City of Carmel’s adoption of the state’s first climate resolution in 2017. As Carmel works toward adoption of a climate action plan, Webb continues to guide others and build a shared vision of the city’s sustainable future.
Hoosier Resilience Heroes are individuals and groups committed to ensuring a safe, healthy environment for their families, their neighbors and future generations. This year’s cohort includes professionals and volunteers dedicated to sustainable agriculture, clean energy development, environmental justice, and other aspects of environmental protection and resilience.
“From farms, to suburbs, to urban neighborhoods, everywhere you look you find people working to make Indiana a healthier, more environmentally sustainable place to live,” said ERI Director Janet McCabe. “Our heroes are leading the charge against ongoing threats to our state, such as climate change and long-term social and environmental inequities. We applaud their efforts and are inspired by their contributions to our state.”
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