In 1937, R.M. (“Mac”) Kroger and John E. Gardis founded a law firm on a handshake and a shared philosophy of fairness and integrity: “Our word was our bond, never anything in writing, as we trusted each other implicitly.” In 1945, they were joined by William J. Regas when he finished military service at the conclusion of World War II.

85 years later, we think Mac, John, and Bill would be proud of where we are now.

From their foundation, the firm expanded into all facets of business law, including complex commercial and business litigation in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. We then added municipal representation, providing counsel and litigation support to Indiana cities and towns, and special service districts, and expanded further into environmental and education law.

We take our role as attorney and counselor seriously – a role we fulfill by getting to know our clients’ goals and then working tirelessly to help reach those goals, all while applying the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We offer the legal advice, technology, and experience of a large firm, while providing the personal attention and service of a boutique firm.

We also know that employees function best in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. This kind of environment makes it possible for our people to be their best — accessible, creative, and working as a team to meet our clients’ goals. We are proud that so many of our team members have spent upwards of three decades as part of the KGR team.

As we approach a century of service, we remain committed to upholding our founders’ vision of providing our clients cost-effective results in an atmosphere of professional excellence and integrity.