Job Start Date: January 5, 2022
Wage / Salary: $15hr
Number of Openings: 1

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Company Phone Number: +1 317-674-0629

The purpose of our Kennel Attendant is to provide support to the Animal Care Manager and
oversight of the daily care of the animals in the facility. The Kennel staff will provide exceptional care
to all shelter animals, in regards to cleanliness, handling, and ensuring proper care. This role serves
as a liaison to all staff to ensure staff and volunteers work directly with the animals to provide
enrichment, identify concerns behavioral or medical and communicate with proper manager.

Kennel Staff is responsible for coordinating the daily activities including, but not
limited to:
 Daily walk through of the kennel areas checking each animal individually for any abnormal activity such
as vomiting, diarrhea, or blood in the cage or run.
 Reports all abnormal activity to supervisors immediately. (Ensure to place a note in the medical
 Recognizes emergency situations, enlisting the aid of supervisors or veterinarians.
 Feeds and waters animals according to schedules and protocols.
 Cleans and maintains kennel area of facility, in such a manner as to provide an odor free and low stress
environment for the animals.
 Cleans and disinfects cages, runs and yards as needed using hoses and spray bottles of disinfectant.
 Cleans and disinfects all food and water bowls.
 Picks up soiled bedding and moves it to laundry area.
 Places clean bedding in run with animals.
 Administers medications to those animals that require medications when medical staff need assistance.
 Handles all animals accordingly.
 Works outside all year round, part of the job requires working without the aid of air conditioning for
periods of time.
 Restraint of animals as needed.
 Maintains all HSHC equipment.
 Provides friendly and professional interactions with clients and animals while doing showings for
potential adoptions.
 Ensures to provide exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction at all times.
 Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed but uninvolved written or oral
 Safely place a leash on dogs and transfer them between cages and locations and walk them outdoors for
exercise and to eliminate. Keep pets safely under your control at all times.

Experience Required:

Embrace our No-Kill Philosophy
 Be a self-starter with a lot of initiative, problem solving skills & the ability to work with minimal
 Be an excellent communicator—both written and verbal
 Be a natural people-person & “cheerleader” who positively motivates others & has a knack for
 Be flexible to work some nights and weekends while providing reliable transportation
 Be able to excel in a high paced work environment where you are surrounded by the distractions of
animal sounds, smells and their respective allergens
 Experience in behavior modification and training programs (Meet your Match, SAFER Testing, etc.)
 Be able to lift a minimum of 25lbs without health risk.

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