Job Start Date: May 2, 2022
Wage / Salary: Salaried

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Company Phone Number: +1 317-594-4100

Assists the Superintendent, Board of School Trustees, and other members of the Executive
Leadership Team in identifying and establishing corporation goals and objectives and in
developing strategies and feasibility plans to ensure the achievement of the mission of Hamilton
Southeastern Schools.
Promotes the Corporation vision and mission.
Stays abreast of current research, effective practices, programs and legal issues and
disseminates information to the staff as appropriate.
Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.
Direct the district-wide school food service program in conformance with federal and state laws
and regulations, local and state health ordinances and school district policies.
Compile and submit all necessary contracts, reports, and claims for reimbursement to the
Division of School and Community Nutrition.
Apply for and monitor government commodities used in school kitchens.
Collect, process and verify all free lunch/textbook assistance forms submitted.
Conduct monthly cafeteria manager meetings to educate, inform and problem solve concerning
school lunch issues.
Review evaluations of cafeteria employees performed by the manager.
Inspect food and food preparation to maintain quality standards and sanitation regulations as
required by the USDA guidelines. Supervise and coordinate activities of all food service
Develop specifications and procurement procedures for food, supplies and equipment.
Consult with kitchen designers and architects on designs and specifications for construction or
renovation of kitchen/cafeteria facilities.
July 2015
Prepare Capital Projects Fund requests, investigate new equipment, prepare bids, and
recommend purchases as necessary.
Review all food/supply orders by each school kitchen on a weekly basis to ensure sound
purchasing practices.
Assist the Business Manager in preparation of the annual Food Service budget. Identify possible
cost reduction opportunities for future years. Recommend lunch, ala cart, and milk prices for
the following year.
Provide monthly reports to the Business Office and assist as needed with reconciliation.
Oversee and ensure requirements are met for all food service related grants.
Meet with food service vendors/brokers on a regular basis to explore new menu/product
Maintain food service point-of-sale system and food service database.
Work closely with building principals concerning food service operations that affect schools.
Promote nutrition and wellness as part of the education process through the HSE Wellness
Plan all school menus to meet nutritional guidelines and taste preferences of students.
Keep students, parents and the public informed of the menus and services offered by the school
food service program and of the benefits gained by children through participation in the
Responsible for the employment of all cafeteria personnel.
Administer food service personnel policies and evaluate the cafeteria managers on an annual
Encourage staff professional development by scheduling in-service educational programs.
Keep informed of new developments in school food service management through involvement
in the school food service professional association.
Nurture a positive relationship with super-ordinates, subordinates and peers.
Demonstrate respect for super-ordinates, subordinates and peers.
Support corporation decisions and direction relative to matters of policy and administrative
directives. Work as a team player.
Demonstrate ability to deal with sensitive issues in a tactful and professional manner.
Address concerns and offer suggestions in an appropriate and confidential manner

Experience Required:

Experience required.

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