Small businesses may not have the network security resources of a full-sized IT team, but they face the same risks as any large business, if not more. Cyber attackers are targeting small businesses more frequently, as their networks are typically more vulnerable and not as likely to have comprehensive protection in place to mitigate cyberthreats. In fact, between 2020 and 2021, data breaches at small businesses globally soared 152% in comparison to the two previous years, according to RiskRecon, a MasterCard unit that assesses companies’ cybersecurity risk – and this figure is twice as large as it was among larger companies in the same period.

Fortunately, having a strong cybersecurity plan in place is not as challenging as it used to be, especially with help from the Comcast RISE program. Comcast RISE was originally created to assist the most vulnerable small businesses dealing with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest. Eligibility for this program is focused on businesses owned by people of color including Black, Indigenous, Hispanic and Asian American owners, as well as women owners, because these marginalized communities have been hit particularly hard over the past few years.

Comcast RISE program recipients can choose to apply for different areas of focus including consulting services, a TV media schedule, creative production and distribution of a TV commercial, or a technology makeover. The technology makeover provides free computer equipment, internet, voice services and cybersecurity solutions for an entire year.

With the cybersecurity services from the Comcast RISE technology makeover, businesses can experience the reactive and proactive network security offerings that Comcast has, giving them time to learn about the services before investing in them themselves. Since education is pivotal in executing an effective cybersecurity plan, business owners can connect with a member of the Comcast team for insights on how to detect and prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Comcast Business’ cybersecurity solutions include Comcast Business SecurityEdge™, which protects internet-connected devices from malware, ransomware, phishing, botnets and more; DDoS Mitigation, which reduces a business’ vulnerability to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and Managed Security services, which can act as an external IT team for small businesses.

We at Comcast are deeply committed to helping drive change and bolster the process of correcting social and economic injustices. The Comcast RISE program helps meaningfully impact and support the small businesses that are shaping our communities.

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Jeffrey Marston

Vice President, Comcast Business Services, MI/IN/KY

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