Exhibit Encourages Young Girls to Pursue Careers in the Sciences

Indianapolis, Ind. (May 17, 2021):  Does your daughter like both Barbies and bugs?   Janelle Iaccino with Franklin Pest Solutions,, is living proof that girls do like both.  In fact, Janelle not only likes bugs but she is also known as The Bug Girl. She is instrumental in Franklin sponsoring The Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™: The Experience exhibit currently at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Iaccino knows her bugs. In high school, people knew her as the creepy girl who had a pet tarantula in her locker named Xanadu, named after a song she performed a tap dance to in the 3rd grade.

“Now, I keep live Madagascar hissing roaches in some fun habitats, she explains.  I use them as show-and-tell for school and museum visits. When I have guests over, I cover them with a towel though so I don’t gross them out,” she said.

She also loves honey bees and is excited to help raise awareness for pollinator health in advance of June Pollinator Week.

“I am so proud to work for a company like Franklin that uses integrated pest management methods.  We are committed to protecting health and the environment. Raising pollinator health awareness in the communities we serve is also a passion of ours,” she says.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis exhibit encourages girls to be anything they want to be. Along with iconic women like Ella Fitzgerald and Amelia Earhart, the Barbie exhibit has dozens on display including a beekeeper Barbie, a scientist Barbie, and an entomologist Barbie.


Add One – Franklin Pest Solutions and Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Recent research from theU.S. Census Bureau shows only 27-percent of scientists in the United States are women. Iaccino and her colleagues are excited about helping to close the gender gap.

“We love the Barbie exhibit for so many reasons,” explains Iaccino.  “It’s in line with our hope of helping girls connect with their inner scientist to encourage them to get excited about science, and with Barbie having had more than 200 jobs over the last 60 years, the exhibit is a great way for children to discover not only her diversity but also to go after their dreams and choose whatever career they want,” she adds.

Iaccino and two other women on her team, one of whom is a Hoosier, born and raised, recently appeared at the exhibit dressed up as beekeeper, scientist, and entomologist Barbies to encourage young girls to get excited about science through a show-and-tell experience.

“As Beekeeper Barbie, my show-and-tell items included a bee smoker and other beekeeping tools as well as honeycombs and jars of honey to explain what a beekeeper does and the process of harvesting honey from the bee to the jar,” says Iaccino.  “Saving bees is such an important topic right now because pollinator health is critical to the production of food.  We are in that season when we can plant pollinator gardens to promote the health of honey bees and butterflies,” she states.

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