Fishers Digest, a free local email newsletter, did a poll asking hundreds of residents of Fishers if they are proud to call themselves Hoosiers. The results show 65% are proud to be Hoosiers, while 17% said they are not proud and 18% felt indifferent.

Using the data, they created an infographic highlighting the themes from the comments. Most comments were positive, with “raising a family,” “four unique seasons” and “Hoosier hospitality” being frequently mentioned. However, some polarizing themes like politics and culture also emerged.

“We wanted to get a pulse on how people in Fishers feel about living here and being a Hoosier,” said Skyler, founder of Fishers Digest. “And it’s encouraging to see how many love what Indiana has to offer. While there are strong feelings about our state’s politics and culture, I see opportunity to continue to come together and find common ground in our community”

To view the full infographic with more key insights, visit the Fishers Digest website.

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