The in-person festival was cancelled for 2020 but will return on Sept. 25 and 26, 2021

The Carmel International Arts Festival has given an outlet for artists for more than 20 years.

The two-day event has taken place in the Carmel Arts & Design District every year since 2006, regularly bringing in about 30,000 attendees to listen to live music, grab a bite to eat and purchase artwork from around the globe.

But due to COVID-19, the 2020 edition of the popular festival won’t be taking place in person.

While the in-person event will return on Sept. 25 and 26, 2021, CIAF organizers have put together an online festival for 2020 to showcase artists. The online event continues through the month of September.

“I am so incredibly proud of the efforts being made by our team to promote all of the 2020 artists that should be lining Main Street the last weekend of this month,” said CIAF Executive Director Rachel Ferry. “We have taken extra efforts to highlight all of the artists on our social media platforms as well as providing links to buy directly from them on our own website. In just this last week, we see the amazing online engagement and we know this festival will be missed. We can’t wait to be back next September!”

Normally, the in-peson festival would feature 150 artists from all over the world in 9 different mediums: 2D, 3D, Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Wood. Each artist has submitted their work and a jury has selected the artists who will be presenting their works at the festival.

Ferry said she knows that the cancellation of the festival is a financial disappointment for artists who sell their creations in Carmel year after year. Because CIAF is a nonprofit committed to supporting the arts, Ferry said the board knew they wanted to find a way to showcase these artists and help them sell their artwork during these difficult times.

Every week, advertisements in the Current in Carmel newspaper will highlight online festival artists with work on sale. No mass produced work is allowed in any category and in some cases each piece must be signed by the artsts

More than 100 artists are participating in the following mediums:

Original 2 Dimensional Design:
Drawing, Collage, Etching, Mixed Media, Pastels, Wax Crayon.

Original 3 Dimensional Design:
Garden Art, Metal Work, Sculpture, Stone.

Original, one-of-a-kind functional work made of clay, porcelain, or raku.

All work must be hand-made and original. Fiber sculptures, rugs, and tapestries are included and must be fabricated by the artist.

Original three dimensional work in glass (non-jewelry) created by the artist’s hand using blowing, casting, cold working processes, kiln forming, and molding.

Hand-made, original jewelry only, using precious metals and/or gem quality stones. Beads must be fabricated by the artist and photos of the process must be available upon request.

Original, one-of-a-kind compositions using watercolor, oil or acrylic paints applied to canvas, paper, panel, or other 2 dimensional surfaces.

Includes all photographic prints made from the artist’s original negative or digital image processing, which have been processed by the artist under his or her direct supervision. Photographers are required to disclose both their creative and printing processes. Work in this media category must be limited editions (less than 250), signed and numbered on archival quality materials.

Original, hand-crafted wood items that are functional, sculptural, and/or decorative of original design by the artist, created and hand crafted by the artist through carved, hand- tooled, machine-worked traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques.

Here’s a list of the artists featured:

Margaret Luttrell
Ila Catherine Hofacker
Amy Ferguson
Gabriel Lehman
Marie Rust
Sally Austin
Anne Wooster
Kate Tillman
Geoffrey Harris
Mark Mohrenweiser
Tyler Voorhees
Taylor Mazer
Jerry Mannell
Alex Grimmer
Armik Malekian
Jurate Phillips
David Frohbieter

Skeeter Aschinger
John Thies
Troy Anderson
Denny Wainscott
Jim Babala
Robert McPherson
Chas Gerding
Don Lawler
Bill Thelen
Anthony Slichenmyer
Ryan Slattery
J Collin Brown

Jill Tortorella
Tanya Leslie
Larry Spears
Judy DeGan
Scott and Jenny Martin
Melisa Zimmerman
Brian Moore
Audry Deal-McEver
Glenn Woods
Kaname Takada
Michael Kifer
Jason Parsley
Stephanie Pierson- Hutson
Victor and Megan Huston-Field
Jeremy Keller
Tim Peters
Jennifer Meeker

Guiteau Lanoue
Pat Kroth
Ann McCann
Amos Amit
Kent Epler
Ruby Ballard-Harris
Diane Perry
Carol Caron
Lisa Berry
Irena Saparnis

Collette Fortin
Lisa Mote
Alan Sievers
Chris Corrie
Michael Thompson
Charlene Heilman
Mark Wagar
Douglas Becker
George Machart
Chris McCarthy

Michael Vagner
Deborah Bames
Mark Grosser
Megan Horan
Julie Matos
Nicole Zeman
Sher Berman
Zenia Lis
Martha Banting
A. Denise Rollings-Martin
Claudia Carreon
Dawn Middleton
Claudia Winter
Roger & Renae Poer
Linnea Lahlum
Judy Goskey

Mark Waninger
Ryan Miller
R.C. Sanford
Andrew Burian
Woody Smith
Ed Bladen
Neil Kemarly
Robert Hoshaw
Thomas Dumke
Steven Munn
Nicholas Vidakovic

Michael Steddum
George Ceffalio
Kwang Cha Brown
Brooke Albrecht
Karen Watson-Newlin
Randall Harden
Mark Gates
Elaine Lanoue
Chris Hartsfield
Soo Chang
Derek Collins
Emma Overman
Shannon Godby
Wendy Franklin
Dick Close
Robert Bridges
Amy Huisinga
Barbara Rush
Stephanie McDairmant
Su Abbott
Rahmon Olugunna
Galina Herndon
Chris Klassen

Kyle Spears
Matthew Platz
John Weller
Tom Lazar
Scott Johnson
Darren Olson
Xavier Nuez
Craig Roderick