I hope that this email finds you well!  As I look forward to next week marking my one year work-anniversary with the Alzheimer’s Association, I have taken some time to reflect on the many aspects of my new career journey. One of the most dynamic, reoccurring themes is all of the amazing people that I have met over this past year and the positive partnerships developed.  If you are receiving this email, you are one of the supportive people that I have met since I joined the Alzheimer’s Association.

Many of you that have networked and interacted with me on multiple occasions  can most likely rattle off my “elevator speech” of who we are, what we do and how you can support the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission.  I am now reaching out to ask for your continued support by registering to participate in The Longest Day campaign and to help grow this campaign for the Greater Indiana Chapter.  You can either register as an individual or as a company.  You will have my support either way.

If you need a friendly reminder of what The Longest Day campaign is, it is a DIY fundraiser.  You take something that you already enjoy doing and  turn it into a fundraiser, wherever and whenever you want.  You can hike, bike, sew, bake, host a backyard BBQ… the list goes on.  I have amazing ideas of how companies can use this campaign as a marketing resource too.  I have never experienced such an amazing and fun way to support a cause.  Will you please support the Alzheimer’s Association by registering at alz.org/tld?  If you have an interest in learning more or have any questions, please reach out and let’s chat.  Also, please share this opportunity to make a difference with your family, friends, clients, colleagues, etc.