Recipients to participate in the Fall 2022 ADVISA Leadership Academy

ADVISA, a leader and culture effectiveness firm based in the Carmel Arts & Design District, today announced it has awarded three Leadership Diversity Scholarships for its Fall 2022 cohort of the ADVISA Leadership Academy to Melissa Kauffman, MS of The Villages of Indiana, Matthew Siregar, MSN RN of IU Health University Hospital, and Scott Parker of Grote Industries, Inc.

Each year, ADVISA offers at least two, fully funded scholarships to the ADVISA Leadership Academy (a value of $8,000 each) to leaders from under-represented groups who are eager to grow their skills and positively influence their organizations.

“Growing up in poverty and homelessness, I experienced the power of mentorship,” shared Kauffman. “Through employers, I found people who invested in me, took the time to mentor me, and ultimately raised my ambitions beyond what I thought possible. I applied to the ADVISA Leadership Diversity Scholarship not only to enhance my skills as a supervisor, but to also help other employers recognize employees from diverse backgrounds can bring a lot to the table.”

ADVISA launched the Leadership Diversity Scholarship in early 2021. Since its inception, four recipients have graduated from the ADVISA Leadership Academy, a nine-month long learning experience uniquely designed for established leaders and managers of managers, who understand high-engagement workplaces are the most impactful drivers of success, and who seek to transform business results through their people.

“ADVISA is proud to offer the Leadership Diversity Scholarship to advance and support diversity in leadership,” said ADVISA’s President Heather Haas. “Diversity makes us better—more creative, more empathetic, and more effective. When people with diverse backgrounds and identities become stronger leaders, entire departments, teams, organizations, and communities benefit.”  

Applications for the Leadership Diversity Scholarship are open for the Spring of 2023. To learn apply or learn more about the ADVISA Leadership Diversity Scholarship, visit