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There’s a new good neighbor in town!

At Josh Lane State Farm, it’s an honor to serve families across Indiana and Michigan. Built on a vision to focus on small gestures- we know it’s the little things in life that are often the most meaningful. Located in Carmel, we aim to be your go-to insurance agency in Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

About Us

Josh is originally from Southwest Michigan and attended Kennesaw State University in Georgia.  After receiving his degree in Organizational Communications, Josh moved back to Michigan to begin working for a local State Farm agent. After four years in the insurance business, Josh decided it was time for a big change- and moved his family to central Indiana to pursue a State Farm Agency. Josh and his wife Abby have been married for 8 years, and are looking forward to raising their 2 children in a community that has so much to offer!

We have an extensive offering of State Farm products to ensure the future security of you and your family. Whether that is home, renters, or condo insurance- we would love to talk about insuring wherever you call home.

Did you recently purchase a new vehicle or just looking for a free auto Insurance quote? We offer car insurance for any vehicle you could dream of owning!

As a local business ourselves, we know how important it is to protect your livelihood. That’s why we love working with and insuring businesses in Hamilton County. We also know how important it is to plan for your family’s future, so give us a call today to learn more about the different life insurance options that could fit your needs. It’s never too early to plan!

Give us a call today for a free auto, home, and life insurance quote!

Help! I can’t find employees

If you’re like many businesses in a post-Covid world, you are finding that the workforce shortage has drastically affected your ability to maintain quality, customer service, and even regular business hours.

One part of the equation was not caused by the pandemic; however, it was exacerbated by it. As more and more employees found themselves in unique situation‘s during 2020, some took time off, some worked several shifts, and some flat out refused to work in an environment that was a high-risk situation to their health.  It was official; the balance of power between employers and employees was beginning to shift.  

There are many things that employers, specifically small business owners, can do to attract and retain quality employees. Even in the workforce shortage. The question is, who is willing to face these head on.

People Want To Be Valued As Human Beings

if you are of the mindset that your employees are lucky that you hired them and they better get to work or else you’ll take the privilege of their job away from them, then you are living in the ice ages of capitalism. More than ever, people are stepping up and demanding that they be respected as human beings, not as a device to make the business machine more money. That means that we need to focus on things such as personal and professional development, adequate training, workforce development and interpersonal relationship training, leadership development, and management accountability. You may not be able to pay someone an incredibly high wage, but if you can help them feel personally valued and provide growth opportunities along the way, then you will find quality employees will knock at your door.

Create a leadership development program

I once had a client say to me, “Why do I want to teach them to become leaders when that will just make them want to leave me and go find someone who will pay them more?” The answer is simple: if your business becomes known for its ability to train people up for the next phase of their career, then you will be sought after. Many excited and engaged employees will join and work for less money knowing that they are going to learn highly valuable skills that will help them in their future career path. If you’re too worried about your competition, then you’re focused on the wrong things.

Different people value different things

Some people only work for the amount of money you can pay them. Some people work for you because they get incentive pay along the way. Some people work for you because they will be allowed vacation time that other jobs will not give them. Some people work for you because of the flexibility of hours. Find out what your employees value and work creatively to offer those things.

Customers need customer service training also

One of my favorite sayings is, “Profit is always a result.”  The customer is not always right, especially if they are yelling, demeaning, or otherwise treating your employees at a lesser value. I have seen many examples recently of employers that are stepping up to rude and unkind customers to let them know that yelling or otherwise belittling their employees is not acceptable. This doesn’t mean that a business owner or manager needs to become confrontational, but firmly stepping in and de-escalating a situation with a customer who is treating your employees unkindly will go a long way.

Struggling with the workforce shortage? Looking for leader ship development training, customer service training, or employee engagement? Reach out to Shawn P Neal at 765-278-5966 or email or visit for more info.  Find Shawn on social media @shawnpneal 

ROI Search Group is a women-owned recruitment and executive search firm that also offers contract staffing services, outplacement and career transition services, training, and consulting. Although local to Fishers, IN ROI Search Group services clients nationwide.

At ROISG we believe that people are an organization’s most important asset; therefore, our approach to attract the most qualified passive talent is unique by design while supporting candidates throughout their career. Drawing upon seasoned experience, ROI Search Group’s proprietary methods provide a better understanding of client goals, job requirements, company culture, while getting to know what’s most important to our clients and candidates. Your goals are our goals, every single time.

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