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FRESH Concepts, Inc.

Managing people is harder than ever.
COVID didn’t just change the world but also changed the DNA of our workplace ecosystem in many ways. This new environment will present challenges with competing priorities from an increasingly dispersed workforce. Our leaders must change as well to lead effectively in this new era. Leadership practices - ones that rely on decades-old practices that no longer fit today’s ever-changing world - are not going to inspire, motivate or build and maintain a culture of trust.

Well, now what?
New expectations are being asked of leaders and managers.
In the past, leadership and management have been measured on output and profit margin. Whatever it took to succeed was acceptable as long as the goal was achieved. Employees are now looking to leadership to embrace a spectrum of social and environmental needs and encompass specific values and
ethics. Oh yes, leadership today looks much different.
Leaders need to think in new ways. FRESH ways of thinking.
Best-selling author Sarah Robinson's book, Fresh Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team is written for managers and teams that are searching for ways to defy the Great Resignation and create a modern and high-performing workplace culture.  FRESH Leadership provides a road map for teams who are striving to learn more about each other’s
deepest motivations and then cheer each other on to never-before achieved successes:

F-FEEDBACK - Good communication revolves around the ability to give and receive feedback in a productive manner that will promote growth and change.

R-REWARD - a paycheck isn’t enough anymore to recruit and retain invested, inspired employees. They are looking for an intrinsic reward that comes from doing meaningful work and performing well.

E-ENGAGEMENT – Chances are you did a commendable job addressing employees’ basic needs (safety, stability, and security). Still, now you need to build engagement at work by supporting your employees and meeting them where they are now.

S-SERVICE – Serving your people in an empathetic, authentic way; putting your employees' needs first.

H-HUMAN CONNECTION – Employees need to know that their manager or boss is a real person.

Want to learn more?
Join Sarah Robinson, author of Fresh Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team, for a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, September 22nd at 12 noon EST to explore FRESH Leadership. Although it’s complimentary, you must register to reserve your spot: https://bit.ly/3sKHrmE


Needler’s Fresh Market Now Open In Carmel

Fresh Encounter Inc., a grocery management company for Needler’s Fresh Market opened their new Needler’s Fresh Market located at 4755 E 126th Street, Carmel, Indiana on August 20th.  

“We appreciate the enthusiasm of shoppers in Carmel who are wanting an independent, full-service, convenient grocery store on Carmel’s east side” said Marketing Director, Julie Needler Anderson. “Our roots are in Indiana, so we are very  excited to expand in the greater Indianapolis area.” 

The fully remodeled store offers a modern, conventional format with a focus on fresh, quality, and service. Needler’s features an enhanced assortment of Indiana local and signature items like handcrafted pizza, homemade cookies and donuts,  and a fresh chop shop where customers can have freshly prepared salads made to order. The store will also include a coffee shop, Lemon’s Café, which serves locally roasted Hubbard and Cravens coffee, Rosie’s baked goods, and Oberweis Dairy ice cream.  

“Our goal is to make the Carmel store the friendliest and freshest offering in the market, where customers can find all of their local favorites and many new ones,” stated Store Director Kyle Jorns. “We may not be the biggest, but we can  definitely be the best.” 

The store will open with a grand event at 10 am on Friday, August 20th, including music, chef-prepared samples, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11 am. “We are delighted to introduce Carmel to our new store and look forward to welcoming guests”, said Anderson  

Fresh Encounter, Inc. is a supermarket management company owned by brother and sister, Michael Needler, Jr. and Julie  Needler Anderson. The family-owned company currently manages 100 retail stores with the Carmel store being one of eleven Needler’s Fresh Market locations across Indiana and western Ohio.