Growing People Through Work– Jiffy Lube Program Designed to Stop the Turnover Cycle

Many industries struggle with employee turnover and the auto industry is no exception. 

 When new employees join our team, it’s not unlikely that some have bounced around from job to job before finding solid ground to build a better life for themselves and their families.

 “We are working hard to stop the turnover cycle by providing the most advanced training available in our industry and through our award-winning Growing People through Work program,” shares Steve Sanner, the CEO and President of Jiffy Lube of Indiana, which owns 50 locations state-wide. “Everyone who comes to work for Jiffy Lube is on a path of self-improvement and is working hard to improve their lives. Everything we do is designed to encourage and support our team members to be their best selves at work and in all areas of their lives.”

 Award-Winning Training

Growing People Through Work is an award-winning training program we created to help our team not only get exceptional technical training, but also develop key life skills such as goal setting, financial planning, and time management. 

 Key components of our system include:

  • Industry-leading compensation 
  • Financial planning, wellness and pride-in-work training
  • Personal and professional goal setting
  • Home buying program for managers
  • College scholarships for employees’ children
  • Flexible scheduling for coaching youth sports teams and volunteering to help in our communities

 Guidance to Grow

We talk about the importance of developing a relationship with a banker at all stages of your financial life, particularly so you can be aware of the rules of Financial Wellness, and wealth creation. We’ve partnered with Key Bank to provide direct support for our team members. 

 Patricia Castañeda is the banker who provides the program’s coordination. “Playing a game without knowing the rules brings about chaos, but when you have the rules available (particularly when it comes to credit) you give yourself the opportunity to strategize and move towards a position of creating wealth. It’s as basic as knowing your spending habits, creating a budget, setting goals, and developing good credit habits,” Castañeda shares. 

 The importance of goal setting extends beyond financial literacy. When our team members attend the Growing People Through Work program they take time to sit down with their managers to set personal and professional goals. 

 What Employees Say

As a locally-owned business, we feel particularly invested in the success of our 400+ team members. To be sure our training is making a difference in their lives both professionally and personally, we conduct regular surveys. 

  • 85% of employees feel they are growing and improving as a person since they joined our team. 
  • 80% of employees have achieved at least one of their goals. 
  • 88% are working with their manager to reach their next goal.
  • 35% of employees have started actively working on their savings since joining our team.

Since 1985, Jiffy Lube of Indiana has created thousands of truly inspirational success stories of team members rebuilding their lives for the better. A “Thank You” from a guest can go a long way. If you receive wonderful service, please do not hesitate to let our technicians know they did a great job. Our team members come to work each day with goals and the ambition to achieve total guest satisfaction.